Most of us in the transportation industry are well aware this country lives and breathes because of the hard work of truckers. So show your support with these unique gifts for the truck drivers in your life.

Heated Seat Massage- $44.58

We all know sitting down for long periods of time isn’t good for the body. But truckers don’t have much of a choice. Make it easier on their backs and bodies with a heated seat massage during those long hauls.

trucker heated seat massage


Personal Fridge/Warmer with Cup Holders- $39.88

You can create a better work environment for your drivers simply by supplying the comforts of home. This mini fridge/warmer has built in cup holders and can cool food/drinks to 35-40 degrees while also heating up to 140 degrees.



12v Slow Cooker- $31.60

Getting a decent meal on the road usually requires spending an unnecessary amount of money on fast food. But with this portable slow cooker, drivers can cook a good meal right in their truck.



Eating/Laptop Steering Wheel Desk-$12.99

What good is working on the road while trying to eat when you don’t have a proper table or desk? Enter the extremely affordable and useful clip-on steering wheel attachment that can solve both of these issues.


USB Portable Air Humidifier- $9.97

Circling the same air flow throughout a truck can sometimes be dangerous to the health of a driver. But with this contraption, a driver can take a regular bottle and filter the air throughout the truck with a simple USB plug.


Rig Lock with Alarm- $16.67

Made with alloy of zinc and hardened steel, this lock will sound an alarm up to 100-decibels if someone tries to mess with your truck while you’re sleeping or grabbing a quick bite to eat.



Sterling Silver Men’s Truck Ring- $124.26

Truckers are darn proud of the work they do and they absolutely should be. Therefore, some like to showcase their love for trucks by wearing it proudly. This ring allows them to do just that by putting a little shine on those hard working hands.


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