Your website is the only thing that can sell for you 24/7. So in this episode, I’m highlighting the things I’ve learned after hosting and managing 30+ websites so you can have a better handle on your #1 sales tool. 

Episode Timestamps:

00:39 – Hosting 

02:50 – Content Delivery Network

03:37 – A Show Called Behind the Attraction

04:12 – SSL certificate.

05:55 – WordPress websites

07:09 – Two Types of Agencies or Companies

09:29 – Microsites

11:17 – Google Analytics and Search Console

12:08 – Start With Social Media

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
I've spent more than a decade in print, digital, and broadcasting. Now I help other companies build their online presence by generating leads, gathering insight and growing revenue.

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