Ware2Go, an independent subsidiary of UPS Inc. (NYSE:UPS) that provides on-demand fulfillment services, announced on September 4 that it has unveiled four do-it-yourself tools it said will provide companies with better data to select optimal locations for their distribution center networks.

Ware 2Go explained that the tools include demand forecasting, warehouse network optimization, inventory level optimization, and service-level performance insights. The objective in using the tools is for companies to “analyze and execute warehousing and inventory management strategies” that expedite fulfillment speed and reduce costs by positioning goods closer to end customers, Ware2Go said.

Larger businesses will rely on a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to gain these capabilities, or they will spend dearly to build resources in-house. Many smaller companies typically don’t have access to those tools. 

“We are leveling the playing field by providing businesses of all sizes visibility and operational insights to guide decisions and optimize their supply chains,” said Patrick Cadic, Ware2Go’s vice president of sales & marketing. “By putting our customers in control of their fulfillment processes, we’re helping them improve their distribution networks, compete at scale and grow their businesses.”

Ware2Go will provide support to customers as needed, a company spokesperson said. 

As an independent subsidiary, Ware2Go operates outside of the UPS organizational orbit.

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