The ladies of Helmets and Heels are coming out of the 2016 gates strong with our discussion on NFL Black Monday, why College Football Playoff ratings have dropped and just what the hell can Tom Brady eat?

Listen to the full show below…


Intro- UNF Basketball Head Coach Matthew Driscoll joins us for a hot minute and per the usual, he’s wildly entertaining.

11:22- Watching college basketball vs. the NFL Playoffs

18:16- Should we feel bad when an NFL coach gets fired?

34:48- Our studs and duds of the week.

58:12- Johnny Manziel’s fake mustache and wig to avoid Browns practice is something I want to be true.

59:15- Tom Brady’s crazy diet.

01:05:03- Talking about the craziest thing we’ve ever seen while tailgating and how the College Football Playoffs affected our NYE plans.

Photography via Logan Bowles

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