Business owners who operate multiple Instagram accounts know the pain of logging in and out of each account in order to make an update. But could Instagram finally add a feature that allows creators to managed additional accounts?

The photo sharing app launched in 2010 and has since amassed more than 300 million users only continues to grow in popularity. Many users will often search for company first on Instagram before they visit a company’s website. So maintaining an account is extremely important, especially to those in the creative fields. But many of us are managing multiple accounts and the login process is certainly a pain point.

However if the following rumor reported by Techcrunch is true,  managing additional accounts could be a lot easier:

Select members in Instagram’s official beta testing group for Android have spotted the option in Instagram’s settings in their beta build of the mobile application. The feature allows users to add or create additional accounts for use in Instagram that you can then switch between without first having to sign out of your current account.

News of the beta test was first discovered by the blog Android Police, which was pointed to the feature by way of a tipster who also provided screenshots of account switching in action.

Leaked images also showed the “Add Account” feature at the bottom of the options page making it appear it will be as easy as Twitter’s current account-switch feature.

Logging in and out of multiple accounts may sound like a typical #FirstWorldProblem, but when you have to update an account several times per day, the time saved on login process could work wonders for those who juggle social media for their clients.

While it’s rumored to only be tested on Android, iOS owners know Instagram will eventually show their launch-operating software the love along with a forthcoming update.



Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
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