The girls are back to talk the annual Florida-Georgia game, studs and duds, predicting the Jaguars’ record for the rest of the season, and judging if Blake Bortles’ interview with sports culture website Barstool Sports (we won’t link it because *vomits*) is the worst we’ve ever seen.


Intro – Florida-Georgia recap and if officials should overturn the ending of Duke/Miami
19:12 – Jenn from Dream Finders Homes joins us for our Studs of the week
26:35 – Our duds of the week
38:05 – Predicting the end of the Jaguars schedule where the loser has to wear rival team gear
55:21 – Is Blake Bortles’ interview with Barstool the worst you’ve ever seen?
01:14:57 – What’s the worst experience you’ve had with fans at a game?

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Blythe Brumleve
Blythe Brumleve
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