Hurricane Dorian appears poised to come “dangerously close” to the Florida cost after the Category 5 storm finishes its crawl across the Bahamas today, U.S. forecasters warned.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center warned at 8:00 am. today (September 2) that the hurricane may approach Florida late during the night and near the coast through tomorrow. 

While the forecast does not predict landfall in Florida, FreightWaves Meteorologist Nick Austin said the prospect shouldn’t be discounted because of the hurricane’s unusually erratic behavior. 

“There’s still a chance Dorian will make landfall somewhere on the southeast coast of the U.S. Where and when are somewhat questionable,” Austin said. “Even if it doesn’t make landfall, if eye gets close, that could still cause a great deal of damage.”

SONAR Critical Events: Major Hurricane Dorian, September 2, 8:00 a.m. EDT.

National Hurricane Center data, which is also housed in the FreightWaves SONAR platform, showed Dorian producing winds as high as 165 mph as it moved through the Bahamas.

Austin said he would expect the storm to weaken as it approached the U.S., perhaps reducing to a Category 4 storm today. 

He advised anyone involved in moving freight to exercise additional caution because the storm has proved difficult to predict, in part because of its slow movement. 

“You have to be ready for any possibly,” Austin said. 

He cautioned that even if the hurricane appears to hover off the Florida coast it could change direction in a relatively short amount of time. While that might take hours, road congestion could make it difficult to get out of Dorian’s path. 

South Florida ports closed during the evening of September 1. Meanwhile, logistics providers and retailers have been closely following the storm and its unpredictable path.

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