In this edition of the Scouting Report, we dive into Disney+ and how their launch plan helps the confidence of little guys like us, why you should consider time as a commodity, what content strategy you should be implementing for 2020, email marketing gone wrong, and what I’m listening to and watching.

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Bonjour with Blythe covers the wins, losses, and lifestyle around being a present-day entrepreneur.

Contrary to popular belief, freelancing and entrepreneurialism are not all working out of coffee shops and taking insta-friendly vacations. There are real challenges (and tears!) involved with running your own business. But there are also a lot of perks; which host Blythe Brumleve hopes to share both sides of the coin in The Scouting Report show.

Check out the time-stamps to each segment below along with links to stories discussed:


Disney+ Content Lessons [02:48]

  • When big companies make a huge splash, as Disney has done with their new streaming service, it can be a bit intimidating to us little guys. But here are a few lessons learned that alllllll content creators face, yes, even Disney, will learn no matter the scale of their launch.


Why You Should Consider Time As Your Most Important Commodity [12:03]


How to Content Plan for 2020 [31:02]


Email Marketing Gone Wrong [49.37]

  • A BIG company made a very BIG email marketing mistake. I rant on this plus give you tips on your own email marketing campaigns to include how to send a cold email THE RIGHT WAY!
  • Watch the video on this topic. 


3 Supply Chain Shows That Non-Industry Folks Will Enjoy [01:08:35]

  • Paying attention to the supply chain of the items we purchase is increasingly becoming important for a lot of consumers. Therefore I’m breaking down three different podcasts and shows that even non-industry folks will find interesting.
  • Netflix’s Rotten Series (trailer found here)
  • Freightwaves TV app launches (where to download and watch)
  • Let’s Know This podcast covers One Day Shipping and the issues surrounding this growing demand from retailers.


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